Playing LakePoint in Emerson?

House your team together as an alternative to a hotel.

Just north of Emerson, Georgia and the LakePoint Sporting Community is the quiet town of Kingston. In this town, we have built a retreat center that is perfectly suited for the ultra competitive sports team traveling to LakePoint to compete at the highest level.

Our campus promotes an experience that keeps the team together. We have a residence dorm for the players and a residence house for the coaches and team parents. Our dining hall allows the team and families to eat together while saving money by using our kitchen facilities to prepare meals. Our media rooms allows you to break down your opponent and have team meetings. Learn about the new alternative to staying in hotels while you compete at Lakepoint. Learn more about White Columns.

Welcome to White Columns

White Columns Campus

The Grounds

White Columns is connected with lighted walkways that lead to each building on campus. The grounds are cooled with an abundance of trees and you'll notice that most every porch on campus has rocking chairs and ceiling fans continuing the breeze. When you are not competing, your environment should be peaceful.

Residence Dorm

Residence Dorms

  • 13 roooms, each room sleeps six
  • WIFI
  • Customized key cards for each guest.
  • Each room separately climate controlled.
  • Each room has a separate shower, toilet and sink area.

Team Bonding

Team cohesion is often the difference maker when the season becomes more important. Dorm-style living is a proven method for building relationships between team members. The Residence Dorm sits just below the Residence House (which is set up for coaches and chaperones). The proximity of the two houses allows for the adults to keep a watchful eye on their team.

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Residence House

Residence House

  • 9 rooms
  • Customized key cards for each guest.
  • Each room separately climate controlled.
  • Living Room/Lounge

Coaches & Chaperones

The Residence House is set up to accommodate coaches and chaperones from each team. It has a living room and kitchen for your convenience. This house overlooks the dorm where the players reside. With customized key cards, authorized adults will also have access to the Residence Dorm.

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Dining Hall

Dining Hall/Game Room

  • Seats 120.
  • Make meals for your team!
  • Easy to use professional kitchen.
  • Catering Available

A new way to eat during tournaments.

Eating out while on the road can be difficult. Eating healthy is next to impossible. Often, teams try and eat together at restaurants to promote team unity. White Columns offers parents a new way to not only save money but also take control of what your team eats while in a relaxed, community atmosphere.

The Kitchen

We place an emphasis on community here at White Columns. Part of what makes us unique is the option for parents to come together to create meals for their players at White Columns. We have enough cold storage and shelving space to store food and enough room to prepare sandwiches for your entire team. Keep cold snacks available to make sure your players have something healthy at all times.

Even after a couple of days, eating out for every meal can take its toll on your health. Use our facility to your advantage!

If you choose, we also have a list of establishments that can cater or deliver to White Columns. There is also a convenience store as well as a restaurant just one block outside of our campus.

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Conference Building

Conference Center

  • Two Conference rooms with TV's
  • 3 Smaller Breakout rooms
  • Breakdown opponent's games
  • Used for team meetings
  • Snack room

Break down video of your opponents.

The technology is here. Whether it is HiCast Sports or Perfect Game's partnership with Diamond Kinetics, we now have the ability to scout opposing teams to create advantages for your own. Our Conference Center gives you a place to have private team meetings as well as live stream your opponents from neighboring fields if you have someone that is so inclined to stream or record your opponent's games. This is now. We are ready. More info on our classrooms.

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Kingston Baseball Field

Kingston Off Campus

Finally, there is a quaint baseball field just half a mile from our campus that is perfect for warming up before a game or staying loose between games. Roughly 258 ft left field, 327 ft center and 250 right field.