Breakdown your opponent in our classrrooms!

Photo of classroom at White Columns at Kingston

Team Meetings in Our Classrooms

"We send out parents to video the at-bats of teams we are playing in pool play the next day."

The technology is here. The ability to breakdown your opponent is easier than it has ever been. When you travel hundreds, even thousands, of miles to play a week long tournament at LakePoint that could very well determine your future, this idea is now a no-brainer. And we have the facilities to help. Bring your footage back to White Columns and utilize our AV classrooms to breakdown your opponents.

More and more baseball facilities across the country have cameras behind home plate and keep an archive of games. These games can be accessed online at any given time via the internet. The idea of scouting opponents at this level can not even be considered forward thinking today. It is already here. Access to game video on opposing players will become easier and easier to obtain. White Columns is ready now to help you take advantage of these opportunities right at the time you need them.

Photo of classroom at White Columns at Kingston

Pre-Game/Post Game Meetings

Our classrooms are a great place to meet post game after your team has come back to the campus and settled in. No longer do you have to hold meetings directly after each game because that is the only time you will have the team as a whole before the next game. When you stay at White Columns, your team is together.

We have two main classrooms in our Conference Building which is located next to the Dining Hall. Each of these rooms have TV's to be utilized to help with your team meetings. To book these rooms, just contact the main office and we will get you set up.

Our campus was built for people to gather, whether that be in the Dining Hall to eat together or to relax on our porches in rocking chairs under cool fans or in our classrooms to break down video. Call us for more information, questions and to book you at White Columns at Kingston.

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